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Your participation is key to the success of the campaign. Be a part of the WDD 2016 campaign

WDD 2016 Toolkit
The World Diabetes Day 2016 toolkit contains all you need to know about the Eyes on Diabetes campaign, including key messages, resources and ideas on how you can take part.Available in interactive and static pdf versions, the toolkit can be viewed and downloaded in English, French and Spanish by clicking on the images and links below.


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  • Organize a WDD activity around the "Eyes on Diabetes" theme to raise awareness of the importance of early detection
  • Run a media campaign: publish a press release, publish a video on the company's website using IDF messages
  • Promote diabetes prevention at work with an activity or via internal communications on how to prevent type 2 diabetes and stay healthy
  • Light a monument or building in blue and share your picture on the WDD website
  • Organize a 'Learn about how to keep healthy' event in schools
  • Wear blue and the blue circle pin
  • Form a human blue circle and have a photo taken
  • Print infographics and spread them around
  • Take a blue circle selfie and/or organize an selfie competition
  • Organize a flashmob

Human Blue Circles
Human Blue Circles
Forming a Human Blue Circle is a simple activity with enormous visual impact that can be organised as part of Dress in Blue Friday.